Our Studio is Closing at the End of June

Thank you so much for your interest in Delinquent Debutantes. We're proud to have served the Nashville community for 8 years now, four years at our studio on Charlotte Ave. Effective June 29th, we will be closing our studio to focus on online classes and focused workshops around town.

Please join us for our last few weeks of classes and our final show at the studio, our Debutante Burlesque Ball.

After that, we are busily producing the first Nashville Burlesque Festival, August 2-5 at Corsair Distillery and the Nashville Palace.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for news on our online offerings and local classes coming up.

Nashville's premiere burlesque school, Delinquent Debutantes provides classes in body positive movement for all shapes, sizes and abilities. The studio is a totally safe space to explore your sensual side, reconnect with your body, and learn some killer dance moves while you're at it! 

We believe that everyone can dance, sexy doesn’t have to be serious, and if it jiggles, you’re doing it right. 
  • When I found Delinquent Debutantes online not long after I relocated to Nashville, I found my first good reason to believe that moving here was a positive thing, and that I might belong here. It's a community of strong, supportive and confident women.
    — Donna Getson
  • Delinquent Debutantes is a place of body acceptance and love. The women I have met there have been incredibly influential in me pursuing my dreams and making my life what I want it to be.
    — Sarah McDaniel
  • Delinquent Debutantes is a place where a person can get fit and strong without already having to be fit and strong to walk in the door. It's a sisterhood of fabulous.
    — Ammie Kenney
  • Delinquent Debutantes means that I can be myself. It is a place I can go and not be judged and criticized. It is a place of sisterhood and feels like home.
    — Cally Rempis