Introducing a new Bawdy Positive Experience!

Delinquent Debutantes is over the moon to bring you one of a kind, shimmy shakin', goal settin', hot tubbin' retreats!

You're a firey, creative soul, but the everyday pressures of work, home and family mean you rarely get to kindle that flame. Wish you could carve out space and time to really expand? To do the work you need and tap into the fire within? We hear you.

That’s why we created the Delinquent Debutantes Retreat!

The Delinquent Debutantes Retreat is a women*-only experience where you don’t just let your hair down, you make epic hair-eograpghy while doing it. It’s about connecting to your authentic sensuality through physicality, exploring your creative aspirations through writing, and crafting a sorority of inspired, inspiring women. Find your fierce with a photo shoot with La Photographie and relax and reflect with a massage, both included in your retreat experience.

Set your creativity ablaze in a relaxed atmosphere of beauty and brainy babes.

Want to know more?

Our first ever retreat will take place December 1-2, 2017, in a secluded cabin near Cadiz, KY, just a 90 minute drive from Nashville, TN.

The cost of the weekend is $500, which includes your housing, snacks and drinks, photo shoot with La Photographie, massage, and movement and writing workshops with Freya West and Shan de Leers.

This retreat is an exclusive beta test of our new offering of sensual retreats. We hope you’ll join us.



*cis, genderqueer and trans women are all welcome.